Why Patients Leave NHS Dentistry

  1. Check Ups last only a minute or two

  2. Fed up having to wait weeks for an appointment

  3. See a different dentist every time

  4. Can’t get in, even for an emergency

  5. Dentist always seems rushed/ stressed

  6. Always Late

  7. Poor Quality of work/ fails quickly

  8. Don’t feel that they are genuinely being cared for

  9. Lack of Information/ options

  10. Impersonal Experience

Why Patients Join Us

What our patients say about us…

  1. Very good value

  2. Plenty of time per appointment

  3. Open evenings and weekends

  4. Seen on time

  5. Clean

  6. Thorough Check Up

  7. Gentle dentistry. Feel calm and relaxed

  8. Sympathetic to their needs

  9. Friendly and professional dentist

  10. High quality treatment

  11. Good communication and clear explanation of options

  12. Genuinely caring

  13. Emergencies seen on the same day

  14. Friendly and caring team

If you would like an appointment with us please call us, or alternatively you can book an appointment online by using the button at the top of the page. We look forward to seeing you!.