Our sterilisation

We are fully compliant and registered with the CQC and this not only includes all the decontamination and cross infection, but also the audits and daily, weekly checks needed to maintain our high level of decontamination and cross infection control, to give you, the patient, complete confidence that you are being treated in a safe, clean, clinical environment.

Here at Crowborough Gentle Dental Clinic, our dentists sterilise and open every packet of instruments in front of your eyes, at every appointment.

Sterilisation of Instruments and Handpieces

Step 1: Instruments are inspected and scrubbed and soaked

Step 2: They are then placed in a solution to disinfect and cleanse them

Step 3: They are inspected again before being placed in their individual pouches

Step 4: They are then placed in an autoclave and vacuum sterilised for approximately 45 minutes

Step 5: Once cooled they are now ready for use

Disposable Items

We also use as many disposable items as we can, so that nothing is used twice that doesn’t need to be in line with current thinking and working practices. Examples of disposable items include patient apron, gloves, masks, anaesthetic needles and cartridges, some dental burs, matrix bands, visors, dental files, tray liners, suction tips etc.

Disinfection of Surfaces

Before and after every patient we thoroughly wipe down and disinfect all the clinical surfaces, chair, handles, light, worktops, dental lines, spitoon, protective glasses, trolleys, machine panels, headrest, computer screen, and any surface that has been exposed to any clinical procedure.

We also regularly test all our water lines and cleaning solutions according to HTM 01-05 to ensure they are clean. We have separate waste disposal for items such as amalgam, sharps, radiographical solutions etc, and we have the correct sharps and needlestick policy in place to ensure that you are seen in the safest, cleanest environment possible.