Treatments And Flat Rate Prices

At Crowborough Gentle Dental we have an open and transparent pricing policy. Dental surgeries often have “from” or “to” prices which are rarely the “from” price, or other items are added that you may feel should form part of the treatment. We feel this misleads and confuses patients, who just want to know how much they have to pay for an item of treatment, without nervously waiting for the bill at the end to see what it comes to.

Here at Crowborough Gentle Dental we operate the following policy to give you transparency and clarity regarding treatments and prices:
• No misleading “from” prices that are very rarely the “from” price.
• We never charge for X-Rays as we believe they form part of the check-up and investigations, not an extra item.
• No hidden extras or surprises. Flat Rate, FIXED, prices.
• For example we never charge extra for teeth reconstuctions or posts that are needed for crowns, or after root canals. We believe they form part of the treatment not an extra item as per other dental practices. If you need eg. a crown, that includes everything needed to achieve that, giving you peace of mind, and confidence.
• We keep our prices as low as we possibly can.
• Open and transparent pricing policy.
• Clear written dental treatment plan is given for each course of treatment before that treatment is begun.

We are one of the first dental practices in Crowborough to have a flat rate pricing policy, and we have introduced it to give our patients clarity, confidence and transparency.

Fees during COVID-19

Following the dental professions advice and recommendations we have decided to keep our prices exactly as they were pre-coronavirus. Instead, due to the increased surgery time for each procedure, extra measures we have had to put into place and extra PPE required to be able to operate routine dentistry. An additional fee of £38 for any appointment involving AGP treatments (ie. fillings, root canal treatment, crown/bridge preparation etc). These are only temporary fees during COVID-19.

Because of the nature of our profession and particularly the use of AGP’s in Dentistry, these changes above may continue into 2021. We have to act and follow the Government’s advice and follow the regulations imposed upon us by our regulatory bodies. We have tried to minimise changes as much as possible and only when needed. As soon as we are advised it is safe to do so by the Government, or the Chief Dental Officer of England, we will be able to and aim to, revert back to normal as soon as our dental restrictions are lifted.

Fixed Treatment Prices

The Emergency Fee includes X-Rays, temporary filling, smoothing of teeth and any antibiotics as necessary. If permanent treatment can be carried out at this appointment the fee will be £49 + the cost of any treatment.

Dental Implant Prices

Please visit our Specialist Implant Practice website below to learn more about Dental Implants cost and arrange a consultation with one of our highly experienced Implantologists
Please call the practice on 01892 610750 to make an appointment. Or an alternative and quicker way is to BOOK ONLINE It is quick, easy and takes less than a minute!